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As we say on our beginners page, you don't need anything to start your Karate training, just some comfortable clothes such as a T shirt and track suit bottoms. Eventually you will probably want to get a Gi (Karate uniform). This is a requirement for grading so should be purchased at least a couple of weeks prior to your first grading to enable you get used to the feel of it and moving in it. You can buy a Gi at most good sports shops but we carry a range of Gis suitable for all age groups. The Gis are sold according to your height. For someone around 1.4m tall, a 140 Gi is recommended. Similarly for someone 1.7m tall, a 170 Gi is available. Note. Most Gis are made from cotton and are oversized. Before you bring your Gi back because it is to large, try washing it a couple of times!

This is a typical Gi of the type we supply at Westcroft Kyokushin Karate. Both the top and bottoms have a generous amount of adjustment so you only need to select by height. If you are unsure, check with one of the instructors. All Gis come complete with a white belt which is the colour worn prior to any grading.

Whether you buy your Gi from us or a sports shop, you will need to sew on a couple of badges. 

On the front of the Gi is the Kyokushin Calligraphy

On the left sleeve is the BKK Kanku

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