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Kyokushin Karate is an excellent way of improving both your physical and mental abilities. Karate helps children learn discipline, respect and allows them to channel all their energies.


We have a junior class and an adult class. To train at the junior class you must be at least 7 years old. Generally, to train at the adult  class you must be at least 14. You can speak to one of the instructors for more information about the most appropriate class for you.


The training sessions consist of the practice and repetition of Karate techniques using all parts of the body, combined with extensive bag work, callisthenics and sparring, developing speed, strength, stamina, timing and resilience.


You will learn how to fight and defend yourself and gain self-confidence and control. As your skills develop you may, if you wish, enter Karate tournaments arranged by the BKK.


Westcroft is a friendly club and we welcome students of all ages and abilities. We do however, expect students to behave in a disciplined manner and observe our rules of dojo etiquette at all times.



Gradings are held 3-4 times a year. However, it does not mean that you will automatically be permitted to take a grading at these times. Students may only take a grading when the instructors consider they are ready. If you pass a grading you will receive a certificate confirming your new grade.


If you are due to take a grading you must ensure that you have a current BKK licence. If this is your first grading please talk to one of the instructors 2-3 weeks before grading. You must also wear a karate Gi (uniform). You can buy this from a sports shop or directly from the club.


A grading syllabus is available to purchase from the club which gives a brief history of Kyokushinkai Karate and techniques required for each grading.



To begin training students do not need to wear a Karate uniform (Gi). Loose fitting clothing such as a track suit is fine. Only when you are ready to take your first grading will you be required to purchase a white Karate Gi - either from the Dojo or a sports shop.


At some stage you will also be required to purchase some shin and fist pads for sparring. Again, these may be purchased from the Dojo or sports shop.



Dojo Etiquette


When entering or leaving the dojo you should bow and say 'Osu!' (sounds like "Osss!" You will hear this a lot in your training!)


'Osu' is also used as an acknowledgement during training.


Students should refrain from swearing in the dojo.


Students should not misbehave or fool around - training can be dangerous if instructions are not followed.


Dan grades should be addressed by their title i.e. Hanshi, Shihan, Sensei, Senpai.


​Nails should be kept short and feet clean so as to prevent injury to yourself and your fellow Karateka.


​Hair should be tied back in a soft hair band and not metal clips.


​Although spectacles can be worn during training they can not be worn during sparring. Soft contact lenses can be worn but at the wearers risk


Karate Gi should be washed and ironed prior to training. Belts must never be washed they are symbolic of the effort that you have put into your training.


Should you be late for a training session you should wait in seiza at the back of the class until acknowledged by the senior instructor.


When instructed to either demonstrate a technique or move to another part of the dojo by a senior grade you should acknowledge them with 'Osu' and then move swiftly, do not amble.


If you are going to be absent from training for an extended period of time then it is polite to inform the senior instructor.

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