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National Clicker Tournament

The BKK’s Annual National Clicker Tournament takes place on Saturday 18th November 2017 at SINGH SABHA SPORTS CENTRE, SLOUGH, SL1 3LW.

This year’s tournament will include some new categories and also an International Team Event for seniors and juniors from England, Wales & IFK Ireland.

The categories will be as follows;

Senior Individuals:

Senior Men High Grades (Advanced Clicker)

Senior Women High Grades(Advanced Clicker)

Senior Men Low Grades (Advanced Clicker)

Senior Women Low Grades(Advanced Clicker)

Senior Male Veterans Age 45+ (Advanced Clicker)

Junior Individuals:

Junior High Grade Boys

Junior High Grade Girls

Junior Low Grade Boys

Junior Low Grade Girls

Peewee Mixed Gender Under 9 Years

Mini Peewee Mixed Gender Age 9-10 years

Dojo Teams (maximum 3 teams per dojo):

Senior Dojo Teams (3 men plus 1 woman in each team)

Peewee Teams (Mixed) 3 fighters in a team

Junior -155cm (Mixed) 3 fighters in a team

Junior +155cm (Mixed) 3 fighters in a team

Extra teams in any age group subject to approval by tournament chief referee. (this may be approved if it assists the running of the event)

England v Wales (Seniors Advanced Clicker Team)

Senior International Team: 3 men and two women

England vs Wales vs Ireland (Junior Clicker Teams)

Junior Team (mixed) 7 fighters in a team

Peewee Team (Mixed) 5 fighters in a team

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